How to Cut Back on Car Insurance Costs

It doesnít matter whether you are the best driver in town; the fact is you must have car insurance for you to drive around the UK. Having the bare legal minimum may be tempting even for the best of drivers, especially because insurance rates have shot up ridiculously in the recent past. The bad news is that an accident could happen any time, even when you least expect it. It may not be a road crash but it could be a fire, theft or a tree might fall on your car in the park. The point is, it is very important to have sufficient coverage, just in case.

Here are simple practices that will help you spend less on car insurance. You should compare prices on a cheap car insurance price comparison site such as, or Initially of course you may decide to go for short term car insurance; you can buy it from here. Short term car insurance allows you to pick and choose when you want insurance for, rather than have permanent cover which has always been the norm in the past.

1. Choose your car carefully

Some cars are an insurerís business dream Ė they can help him turn in a profit and expand his business. Steer clear of such cars. They include sports cars, luxurious cars, custom made cars and all powerful, high performance vehicles. If you are serious about saving some money off your insurance budget, choose a low profile car. It will cost less to insure.

2. Keep your driving record clean

This can save you hundreds of pounds and guarantee you discounts in the future. Make driving safely a habit and not something you do when the traffic cops are up the street. As more and more insurance companies embrace telematics to monitor individual driving habits, this is something you need to master, otherwise bad driving habits will cost you dearly in the end.

Avoid making claims as much as you would want to avoid accidents and points. This is what taints a good driving record.

3. Install safety devices in your car

Your car will be considered safer if it has safety devices. Things like alarms, tracking systems and other anti-theft devices will earn you a lower rate from your insurer.

4. Do not modify our car blindly

Most changes you will make to the car will affect your insurance rates. Before customizing your exhaust or buying extra stylish rims and spoilers, check with your insurance company. If something is more of an accessory than a necessity, you can certainly do without it and save some money in the process.

5. Drop unnecessary coverage

If your car is new, you definitely need comprehensive and collision coverage. If it is an old car with ten years of service, you do not need collision or even comprehensive coverage. The value of a car should always guide you when choosing coverage. If the policy costs more than the carís value, you need to reconsider the coverage and choose something more appropriate and cheaper.

6. Raise your deductible

Increasing the deductible reduces the premium. Pay a higher deductible and your premium will drop significantly.

7. Pay your premiums in lump sum

You will save more if you pay your premium all at once as opposed to making monthly payments. Instalments attract processing fees and other charges that can add up to a large sum at the end of the year.